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What is this blog?

Here is a bit of an introduction to Millennial Evangelical that may help:

What is a Millennial?

The general consensus is that a Millennial is anyone born between 1980-2000, though certain studies vary slightly on these dates. Also known as the “Me” Generation or “Generation Y,” they follow “Generation X” (also known as “Gen-Xers”) who were born roughly between 1960 and 1980, and Millennials precede “Generation Z” which is made up of anyone born since 2000.

My name is Chris Martin, and I am a Millennial. I was born in 1990, right smack in the middle of the Millennial generation, which means I am about as “pure” of a Millennial as there is. Old Millennials (1980-1987) are a lot like Gen-Xers, young Millennials (1993-2000) are a lot like Gen-Zers (2000-present). Based on observations and conversations, those born around 1989-1991 seem to have an odd mixture of both old-school and new-school tendencies.

What is an Evangelical?

An “Evangelical” is one who is “of or relating to a Christian sect or group that stresses the authority of the Bible, the importance of believing that Jesus Christ saved you personally from sin or hell, and the preaching of these beliefs to other people” (Merriam-Webster).

Many have often equated “Evangelicals” and “Christians,” but Evangelicals are a subset of Christians. Here are four primary characteristics of Evangelicalism as provided by the National Association of Evangelicals:

  • Conversionism: the belief that lives need to be transformed through a “born-again” experience and a life long process of following Jesus.
  • Activism: the expression and demonstration of the gospel in missionary and social reform efforts
  • Biblicism: a high regard for and obedience to the Bible as the ultimate authority
  • Crucicentrism: a stress on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross as making possible the redemption of humanity

What is the purpose of the Millennial Evangelical blog?

When I see a need, I want to fill it if I am able. A friend and I see a need for Millennial Evangelicals to have a voice in the blogosphere. Countless Gen-Xers and Boomers write often about Millennials and Millennial Evangelicals. Nobody wants to be “the voice of Millennials” because nobody can accurately describe every Millennial all the time, even Millennials themselves. My goal here is not to be “the voice of Millennials.”

But, I thought it would be helpful steward the resources the Lord has given me to help the Church understand and reach the Millennial generation: both Evangelical and not.

Every post on this blog will attempt to answer this question: “How does this post help God’s people understand, reach, and/or serve Millennials?”

If you’re looking for scientific research and analysis on Millennials, you might be in the wrong place.

If you’re looking for the smartest Millennial on the Internet to share secret inside information on his generation, you’re probably in the wrong place.

If you’re looking for a seasoned pastor sharing wisdom from his 30 years of ministry experience, you’re definitely in the wrong place.

If you’re looking for an imperfect, but thoughtful, resource to help the church understand, reach, and serve Millennials, you’re in the right place.

I claim no scholarly authority when it comes to the Millennial generation. I will likely make mistakes, using broad strokes to paint a picture of a diverse generation.

So, I come before you, the reader, humbly sharing my imperfect observations and personal experiences to help God’s people know and love the largest generation the world has ever seen.

As far as I’m concerned, I don’t consider this my blog. This is the Church’s blog. I’m just trying to keep it running.

Let’s learn together.


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