10 Worst National Anthem Performances of All Time

Happy Fourth of July week! To celebrate America, let’s watch 10 people who sang about America and made George Washington roll over in his grave.

10. R. Kelly

I have been a selective fan of R. Kelly’s work over the years, so I respect him as an artist. But the National Anthem isn’t a tune you really want to change.

9. Keri Hilson

I knew we were in trouble on this one when I heard how slowly she was singing right from the beginning. Almost forgot a line, when back to fix it. Yikes!

8. Hockey Girl

I have no idea who this person is, but man. To be fair, I don’t know if she’s an American. Hey, at least she apologized.

7. Stephen Tyler

I just don’t think his style really works. And you can’t leave off “brave.”

6. Michael Bolton

Man, he’s got a great voice, but you can’t just forget.

5. Carl Lewis

He may have been one of the best athletes in the world, but he had no business doing this.

4. Christina Aguilera

Perhaps the biggest stage on which one can sing the National Anthem is the Super Bowl. Ms. Aguilera had the opportunity, and well, it happened.

3. Jesse McCartney

If there is one group of people in front of which you do not want to biff the National Anthem, it’s NASCAR fans.

2. Scott Stapp

Whenever I think of Scott Stapp, I think of this video. Now, I will also think of this video.

1. Rosanne Barr

Unfortunately, no full video exists of this on YouTube. There is a partial video in the video below. This is a real National Anthem that she sang in 1990 at a San Diego Padres game. She has since said it was the biggest regret of her career.

Why would the Padres do this? Keith Olbermann, with a local L.A. TV station at the time, reported that the San Diego Padres new owner, Tom Warner, was co-producer of Barr’s TV show at the time.

But hey, at least she got the words right?

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